Emanuele Giusto Kantfish.

Emanuele Giusto Kantfish, offers in his catalogue the journalist soul and the experiences lived in different continents that introduce us in situations where the real becomes More Than Real.  The images, very esthetic, generate attractive and deeply inspiring dreams.

"I like to place these images in the spaces of daily life environment or of an exhibition, to generate an immediate impact that inspires to break schemes in an intimate seduction that induces to dream".


Kantfish, Emanuele Giusto, is an Italian digital artist, who works with images, videos, films, and writing. He observes reality putting everything in doubt. For him, reality does not exist without an observer. In his works, the "real" becomes an inspiring "more than real".

His images are the result of photography and a personal digital technique. They are the fruit of documentary study, of reports and creative searches. As an author, he believes in the Renaissance idea of a broad and transversal vision of culture.

His images were published in the main media of Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA. UU Kantfish is a journalist of the Official National Association of Italian Journalists since 2002 and worked and collaborated with national and international magazines and media. 

He has published with the important Italian publisher Feltrinelli and worked for important social institutions such as FAO of the United Nations (official video of the World Water Day).

He was selected in prestigious photo awards.

He is currently in post-production of his first feature-length documentary El Dulce Sabor del Éxito eldulcesabordeléxito.com


Emanuele Giusto Kantfish
Artista Digital
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