Jesús Chamizo, called the image architect. Play with the physical shapes, colors, looking for the soul of what you observe and offering deeply inspiring and innovative images. His works are impressive. 

“In this path, I have found different ways of expression, and mainly, different ways to show architecture, throughout images based in emotions what wides the mind toward new spaces, moving in an uncommon dimension”

_ Jesús Chamizo

He has been linked with the plastic arts from his early age, and he studied in several photography schools between 1977 and 1980, when he perform his first exposition.

Since then, he developed his investigation and work in different photographic areas, unifying concept, technique and creativity in all of them.

His art and architecture passion are unified to create images separate from the real, which transform spaces and shapes. This concept is what drives his most recently artistic work, the interaction between human being and his environment, how each one determines the other one and how both could transform and portray an upside down universe.

According to this, his work is characterized by the construction of images based in emotions , that the space creates through lines, angles, lights, perspectives and shapes. This details, occasionally not easy to perceive, have become into the truly main characters of his architecture compositions.

He has obtained several national and international awards, as: Sol, Cannes, Lux, Fiap, Epica, N. York Festival…


Latest Expositions 


  • Madrid / Series - Colon Center - WeCollect Club
  • New York / Cervantes Institute - Palacios Tribute
  • Chicago / Palacios Tribute – Selected at the Chicago Architecture Biennial
  • Madrid / Series - Open Art House Decor


  • Mallorca / Series- Flecha - Porto Pi
  • Madrid / Series- Galeria ROR

Last Awards


  • 6 Prizes in “INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS  2018”/ Categorías «Arquitectura» y «Fine art


Jesús Chamizo


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